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Flying fees take off in 2013

You might have heard that new government regulations have come into place to prevent airlines from charging excessive amounts for ‘processing’ fees and other pesky extras. While in some cases that is true, anyone catching a flight this year should still be aware of the many ways airlines are shaking more pennies from passengers’ pockets.

Baby budgeting -Although some people might instinctively panic when they discover they’re sitting next to a baby on a long-distance airplane journey, it’s still surprising to discover that airlines are increasingly charging parents more to bring their little ones alone. If you’re travelling with Ryanair, for example, it now costs £30 to take a child under two years old with you on your lap. This is a 50% increase from last year, when it only charged £20.

Ryanair isn’t the only airline which is charging more ‘baby bucks’ – Monarch has followed suit, now asking for £20 (up from £15) when it comes to purchasing tickets for small children.

Suitcase squeezing -But that’s nothing compared to how much it can cost to take baggage along on your holiday abroad this year, with Ryanair now charging passengers £45 to check in 20kg on journeys to the Canary Islands and Greece. This is a bump of £5 since last year, although the price remains similar on its flights to other destinations. That’s nothing compared to what you’re charged if you haven’t arranged to bring bags when you first booked the ticket. A last-minute baggage check-in will now set you back £140 per 20kg bag, if you’re heading to certain destinations with Ryanair.

Saving tips -So, with all these price increases, how can regular passengers save money this year?

The answer is frustratingly simple: always check the fine print of every offer you purchase – especially when the price seems too low to believe. Very often there will be unavoidable ‘booking fees’ which can add to the price. Finally, the right travel insurance will always save you money in the long run.

Date Created: 19 June 2013

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