Brits spending billions on hotel rooms

It may be as simple as a single bed and a shower or as luxurious as a honeymoon suite with its own Jacuzzi, but one thing’s for sure: we Brits are spending a sizable sum on our summer hotel accommodation.

New research by Room Key suggests that UK holiday-makers are planning to spend an average of ten nights booked into a hotel between May and August, costing £1,116 on average. The most important factor for these Brits when choosing their hotel was its price, with 74% suggesting that cost considerations could dramatically influence their decision. Other important factors for choosing a hotel included its location and what facilities it had available, with 66% and 52% respectively indicating that these were important points.

It’s therefore no surprise that Brits are interested in saving money while they stay in hotels abroad, which is why Questor’s Holiday Savvy Campaign continues with a look at the three best ways to achieve this during 2013.

1: Work out your budget in advance -It’s easy to get carried away on holidays, especially when we remember that it’s a rare chance to let our hair down and forget our troubles. But remember, without some sort of budget in place before you leave, you’ll lack any sort of guidance about how much to spend when you arrive – this can have disastrous consequences for your wallet, and only cause more problems when you get back to the UK.

2: Research and listen to tips -Everyone has a friend or two that offer great advice when it comes to holidays – and this is always worth listening to. Remember, many money-saving tips can make a big difference, especially when you can be prepared for what to expect and know what’s worth paying extra for.

3: Call the hotel directly when you book -Remember that lots of hotel booking websites may be earning a commission off each purchase, and so the hotels may be more expensive on these sites than they otherwise are. Always call the hotel directly and see if you can negotiate a cheaper rate than the one being offered online – you’ll often get lucky. And remember, the best tip when travelling abroad is to have appropriate travel insurance arranged ahead of time.

Date Created: 18 June 2013

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