What’s Bugging You This Summer?

We all have pet peeves, but it turns out that when it comes to annoying Brits on holiday, there are certain things which can predictably upset us.

This is perhaps especially true since Brits typically work longer hours than most other European countries, making us particularly tetchy when our sparse holiday time is hampered by irritations. Online travel agent On the Beach surveyed 16,500 British holidaymakers to find out what caused them the most grief while abroad, and the answers make for some interesting reading.

So, what do Brits find most annoying while on holiday?

Sandy selling The most popular answer (with 21%) was ‘Beach sales’ – those salespeople which approach you when you’ve finally got your self comfortable on the beach. They can be next to impossible to get away from, causing us endless annoyance in the process. It’s debatable whether this is an annoyance which irks British people more than others. Perhaps our naturally polite attitude makes it particularly difficult to navigate these situations – especially when you’re aware that you’re in a new place, and you want to appear as a respectful guest.

What a load of rubbish That’s right, littering came second (with 18%) – perhaps demonstrating that the British really do have a penchant for wanting things to be all neat and tidy. Other close contenders for the top spot were people smoking (16%) and loud music (at 12%). Interestingly though, us Brits aren’t as offended by nudity as our Victorian reputation famously suggests. Only 1% of those surveyed said it bugged them most during their holiday, with 3% listing ‘Heavy petting’ as their number one annoyance.

“We are renowned as a nation of prudes, especially compared to some of our more liberal European neighbours,” said Alistair Daly, the Chief Marketing Officer at On the Beach. “…However, our results show that Brits are no longer offended by nudity, so it would seem this stereotype is somewhat obsolete.” As annoying as these things may be though, it won’t ruin your holiday as much as forgetting to order travel insurance.

Date Created: 10 June 2013

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