Amsterdam Shines Bright in 2013

No matter what you’ve already achieved this year, one thing’s for sure: when it comes to the ‘Wow’ factor, Amsterdam has us all beat in 2013.

The reason? Well, that’s exactly the point. There’s not one single reason. Rather, the city has been enjoying success after success, ensuring that the rest of us are all scrambling to keep track. Just a few weeks ago, former-Prince Willem-Alexander became the country’s newest King, following the surprise abdication of Queen Beatrix.

The event, which took place on April 30th, was a lavish one which attracted huge crowds around the river IJ in Amsterdam. Wearing a black tuxedo, the newly-crowned King waved to the city’s citizens while taking part in a royal water pageant down the city’s historic canals.

In the typically light-hearted spirit of the city, onlookers wore inflatable orange crowns to show their support for the new monarch. Topping off the celebrations was a choreographed air-show by several F-16 fighter jets, wowing onlookers and dazzling international visitors.

That same month, the Rijksmuseum reopened its doors after being renovated for over a decade. The museum was packed full of new exhibitions and events to celebrate the occasion, giving many people their first chance to experience the museum and all its amazing artefacts from Holland’s fascinating history. Other museums have enjoyed a grand reopening too, such as when the Van Gogh Museum Collection finally unlocked its doors to the public on May 2nd. Featuring over 200 works by one of the world’s most famous and influential painters, it’s one of those museums everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

But all these events alone don’t do the city justice. Its beautiful canals, bustling markets and cheerful atmosphere pulls crowds in again and again, making this truly one of Europe’s friendliest and most welcoming cities to explore. Whether you’re thinking of heading to Holland for a weekend, or perhaps seeing another part of the world, the importance of taking out travel insurance has never been greater.

Date Created: 07 June 2013

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