EasyJet launch route from Rome to Tel Aviv

Easyjet has already made a huge name for itself, operating over 200 aircraft on 600 routes, ferrying passengers between a total of 30 countries. It’s estimated that over 300 million Europeans live with one hour’s drive of an easyJet airport, which shows quite how committed the company is to providing air travel to as many people as possible.

Following the airline’s entry into the Israeli market (back in 2009), it noticed an increasing demand for its services and has been carefully planning how it aims to expand within the country. That’s why it’s exciting to hear that the budget airline has just announced its newest route, flying direct from Tel Aviv to Rome, with the first trip set to take place on 24th September.

Sticking with easyJet’s pricing model, the tickets will be an affordable €42.74 (Rome to Tel Aviv) for a one-way trip, making it a tempting offer indeed for many would-be jet setters. The flights will take off every Tuesday and Saturday, making it ideal for people to quickly hop back and forth as time allows.

This will be the company’s fifth direct route to Israel, as it already offers connections from Manchester, Basel, Genever and London Luton.

Although EasyJet continues to expand with new routes, it also innovates in other areas of air transport too. For example, it’s started a course for would-be air passengers who have a fear of flying, giving them the opportunity to tackle their concerns head-on and graduate to the point where using airplanes no longer brings about anxiety.

And at the end of the Fearless Flyer course, participants will take part in an ‘experience flight’, giving them a chance to use their newly learned techniques to feel comfortable and confident while in the skies. Wherever you’re thinking about traveling this year, it’s never been more important to take out a travel insurance policy which covers all your needs, as this offers a valuable security net if things go wrong.

Date Created: 06 June 2013

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