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Conquer your fear of flying with new EasyJet course

Along with spiders and small spaces, the fear of flying is one of the most common phobias. Which is why one of the UK’s largest airline operators EasyJet is launching a Fearless Flyer Course to help people conquer their fears of being in the air.

The programme will be led by Lawrence Leyton, host of Channel 4’s ‘Fear of flying’ and someone who has a remarkable record in the field of treating those with phobias. He has worked as a motivational speaker for some of the world’s biggest companies and believes that learning should be fun. So expect some unusual techniques on the course. The course will last about three hours and will be held in May. A dedicated flight will take off from London Luton airport as a large part of helping participants to finally get over their fears.

It’s thought that as many as one in six of us are afraid of flying. This can manifest itself as some slight nerves and a sense of unease or it could be far more serious, with just the idea of flying causing severe panic and physical signs of stress. The aim of the course is to address the underlying causes of the fear and help people to overcome this and become Fearless Flyers.

The Fearless Flyer course will cost £179 and passengers can take a friend with them on the flight for an additional £69.

Just imagine the sense of freedom you will have once you have overcome your fears and can step on to a plane bound for some exotic holiday destination.

EasyJet currently operates from 50 of Europe’s biggest airports, with over 100 top European routes. With more than 300 million of us Europeans living within one hour from an EasyJet airport, there is a lot of choice when it comes to picking a holiday destination. Book some travel insurance, pick a destination and set off on your dream holiday without any fear at all.

Date Created: 15 May 2013

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