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Holidays help children learn, parents say

Education secretary Michael Gove has recently proposed that school holidays be cut shorter to allow kids more time at school and improve academic performance. However, a new study by The Adventure Company has found that taking your child on holiday can actually help improve their performance in school.

More than 4,000 parents were polled and in 87 per cent of cases they said that holidays had helped their kids with one or more school project, with geography, history and languages being the main beneficiaries - although many other subjects seemed to benefit too.

However, holidays helped in more areas than just academic learning. Many parents also found that the experience of different cultures positively affected social skills, confidence and tolerance.

Managing Director of the Adventure Company and mum Claire Wilson said: “As a former teacher I know just how valuable time at school can be, but learning doesn't have to stop at the end of term.” She added: “There's no greater classroom than the incredible world that we live in and going on the sort of holiday where you can introduce your child to different cultures, customs and experiences can have real educational benefits as well as helping them develop a wide range of personal skills and attributes.”

Travel, it turns out, really does broaden the mind and can help kids to learn in many different ways that just aren’t possible in the classroom. Whether you’re sailing down the Croatian Coastline or exploring the pyramids of Egypt, there is always something to learn and enjoy that you can’t find in the classroom. Plus, school holidays are brilliant when you’re a kid and what fun would there be if they didn’t feature in the school calendar?

So, why not book some travel insurance, arrange a trip and let the world educate your little ones while you’re away? You’ll be amazed at what they might learn while you’re on holiday.

Date Created: 13 May 2013

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