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Travel makes it on list to make yourself happy

A new survey of British travellers has found that life is not complete without extensive travel. The questionnaire asked 2,000 people about their lifestyle and habits and found that taking two holidays a year came third on a list of 50 ways to live your life well.

The row was started when the Civil Aviation Authority outlined new proposals for how much the airport can charge companies to run flights from its runways. The current system sees Heathrow take a hefty slice of any flight revenue as payment.

Other factors that featured on the list of the things to do in order to live well included experiencing different cultures (fifth on the list), going on last minute holidays (22nd) and getting outdoors more often (15th).

In fact, many of the features on the list were travel related, with visiting 25 or more countries and going on holiday on your own both also featuring in the top 50. A spokesman for the company that commissioned the list to coincide with the release of the film Life of Pi on DVD said: “The research is really interesting because much of the top 50 list focuses on experiences and achievements rather than having more material possessions. That’s exactly what the term living life to the full means”.

On average, we only tick off about eight things on the list and 23% of us think we already get the most out of life. Whilst it may be unlikely that we can pay off all our debts or visit all of Britain’s historical landmarks, we can all enjoy travel and taking some truly great holidays. Modern commercial travel is more affordable than ever before, meaning there is no reason why we can’t all tick off the travel related features on the list.

Money, it seems, doesn’t make us happy. It’s only when we use that money to experience things and travel that we truly feel we are making the most out of life. Focusing on family, friends and travel really means more to us than money. So why not pack your bags, get some travel insurance and head off on a last-minute trip? That would tick a few points of the list.

Date Created: 10 May 2013

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