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Tour operator to go ahead with North Korea trips

North Korea has been in the news a lot recently. Whether it’s threatening the US or its local rivals with an imminent attack, or sentencing American citizens to fifteen years hard labour, it is never far from the headlines. Yet, surprisingly this extensive media coverage has meant that a number of travel firms have recorded increased interest in the country over recent weeks.

One such firm is Regent Holidays, based in Bristol. The company has responded to a surge in interest in groups wanting to go to North Korea following these rising tensions. It says it expects to take many more people to the country this year than it did in the last.

A spokesman for the Bristol based company told The Daily Telegraph that they had ‘no qualms’ about next month’s Remote North Korea tour. He also said he realised that the North Koreans were very strict with tourists but that the operator ‘knew how to keep within the rules’.

The fact that North Korea has been in the news so much in the last few months is obviously a major factor in this increase in demand. More and more people are becoming interested in this unique country that occupies a truly exceptional place in the world. Part of the interest has to do with the intrigue and mystique that is created by a country so different to any other.

With so much of the world being dominated by tourism, it is hard to find places that are genuinely unexplored. North Korea represents one of the last few forgotten frontiers of travel, which may also help to explain its appeal. People have always wanted to go to unusual and dangerous places.

As long as there are places that offer mystery like North Korea, there will always be a market for travel. Wherever you go taking out travel insurance is key to ensuring that you are protected on holiday.

Date Created: 07 May 2013

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