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Routehappy offers flights for happy flyers

Anyone that has flown on a low cost airline in recent years knows that price is not the be all and end all of flying. Great deals and incredible prices might be one thing but quality of service and an enjoyable flight experience are another.

That’s why Routehappy has launched a service to help flyers find a happier service for less. The aim of the service is not just to help consumers locate cheap seats but seats on carriers that provide a good service and keep flyers happy.

The airline industry actually uses ‘happiness factors’ and ‘happiness scores’ to measure internal quality of service. What Routehappy is doing is using these scores to find the best service for the best cost. Happiness scores and prices are presented side by side to let the consumer choose between the cheapest flight and the best one in terms of experience. It is up to them at which point on either scale they want to fly.

The team at Routehappy has also spent a year grading and researching all major airlines, with factors including seat size, layout, wi-fi availability, duration and many more considered. Founder and CEO Robert Albert said: “Flight search today is almost entirely about price and schedule. But there's a wide range of other factors that matter when people buy flights.”

He went on to add: “Routehappy's unique default Happiness sort makes it easy for flyers to see the happiest flight on every route. Consumers who want the best bang for their buck can now easily book flights on new planes, with more legroom, wider seats and better on-board amenities.”

Cost is not everything it seems. As an example with travel insurance it is also about the service and quality of product. Routehappy clearly thinks there is a market for happier flyers and having been on low cost airlines recently, it is hard to argue that this might very well be true.

Date Created: 02 May 2013

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