The world’s most punctual airline named

The world’s top ten most punctual airlines were announced this week, with only one UK carrier making it in to the top ten - although, this may not come as a surprise to anyone who regularly flies from UK airports.

We all know the feeling of getting to the airport on time, checking in and going through security only to look up at the departures board and find that your flight has been delayed by a couple of hours. That’s the moment when you realise that you have to spend another couple of hours in the purgatory that is most airport departure lounges.

According to a new report, South African Airlines (SAA) is the most punctual in the world. Flightstats,Inc, an independent provider of global flight information and airport services found that 92.26% of all South African Airlines flights arrived on time during the month of March.

SAA was one of only two airlines in the world that managed to have more than 90% of their flights land on time in March. Coming a close second was Gulf Air with 92.11% of its flights arriving on time.

The only UK carrier to come in the top ten was EasyJet, coming in eighth place with a total of 87.65% of its flights on time. This was well above the global average for on time flight arrivals which stood at a lowly 78.76% of flights arriving at the gate within fifteen minutes of their supposed arrival time. This was slightly up on the figures from the previous month of February, which saw only 77.64% of flights arriving on time. Cancellations of flights were also down from 1.57% to 1.35%.

These figures may only have been for the month of March and can fluctuate but it seems that wherever you are flying in the world, you stand a chance of flight delay at some point. This means that you should have plenty of time to sort out travel insurance or any other holiday essentials you may have forgotten.

Date Created: 25 April 2013

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