Things Brits do on holiday but not at home.

When you’re on holiday it’s more than about just being physically away from your normal environment, it’s also a break for your mind too. Going away let’s you have a break from your usual mindset, relax and let your hair down a little. This sometimes means you do things on holiday you wouldn’t ordinarily do at home. According to a new survey by this is certainly the case.

Top of the list is ‘wearing revealing beach wear’. It might be ok to wear a tiny bikini when wandering the beaches of St. Tropez or the Costa del Sol but, perhaps not surprisingly, we don’t feel as comfortable doing it down the local leisure centre.

Second and third on the list are ‘going to a nudist beach’ and ‘going out without make up’. Again, when you’re abroad, there is something exotic about stripping off and feeling free. It doesn’t have quite the same appeal on a windswept Brighton beach. Exactly the same applies when it comes to make- up. On holiday you feel free and a lot less concerned about the possibility of bumping into someone you know (statistically you’re probably right too).

The poll asked 1,258 Britons about their holiday experiences and found that six in ten holidaymakers do things on holiday they wouldn’t do at home. As well as the above, a substantial 28% of us said we would contemplate having a bit of naughty fun on the beach – if you know what we mean. When asked if they would do the same in the UK the number dropped virtually to zero.

Mark Pearson of said: “All we want to do is get away from our daily routine, so I guess doing things that you wouldn’t normally do at home is just part of the deal.”

However, letting your hair down on holiday is one thing but making sure you are always safe and looked after is another. Which is why you’re always advised to stay sensible and safe and ensure you have adequate travel insurance for your trip.

Date Created: 18 April 2013

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