Holiday snaps now immortalised in the digital world.

The days of concrete holiday albums immortalising our time abroad seem to be well and truly over, with researchers revealing that our scores of holiday snaps rarely make the transition from the digital to the real world.

Research by has revealed that while the average holidaymaker gets snap happy to the tune of an average 300 pictures on a week-long trip overseas, a staggering 97 per cent of travellers have never taken the time to print and display these images in photo frames or albums.

The advent of smartphone and digital cameras has now made it even easier for globetrotters to chronicle their escapades abroad, but it appears that just 10 per cent of these pictures make the cut when it comes to those that will later be posted on social media sites. For the majority (82 per cent) of seasoned smoasters – social media boasters – their social media site of choice was Facebook. founder Chris Clarkson said: “Holiday photos are a great way to capture the memories of your trip abroad, as it’s not long after you return home that you tend to forget you’ve been altogether when the stresses of everyday life kick back in.“I think it's such a shame that more people don't print their holiday photos.

“Too often now, photos end up stuck on computers or social media profiles and that’s the only place they exist, but people really should make more of an effort to print images and enjoy them.” April Madden, editor of Digital Photographer magazine, argued that budget constraints may have had a bearing on people printing holiday snaps, but also went on to say that holiday photos are now being displayed in innovative ways.

“At the moment, the cost of printer ink and photo paper is prohibitive for most families on a budget. “It’s not all bad though - many households now have games consoles or tablet computers connected to their home network, which means it’s easier to show off photos in the living room via the TV... just like the holiday-snaps slideshows of yesteryear.” If you are heading off on holiday in 2013, it is important to secure travel insurance whichever destination you are travelling to.

Date Created: 16 April 2013

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