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Two fifths of Brits say no to staycation

Ever since the global financial downturn, one word has been very popular within the travel industry – staycation.

With many of us tightening our belts over the last few years thanks to uncertain economic conditions, lots of people decided to shun an international holiday in favour of saving a few pennies and seeing what the UK had to offer.

However, thanks to the appalling weather of summer 2012 and the fact that it’s still freezing outside even though we’re almost in mid April, it seems many are thinking twice about staycationing this year. It’s all very well saving a few pounds but if that comes at the expense of being forced to sit in your caravan or hotel room and watch ice-cold, horizontal rain lash across the window all week, then it seems many of us would rather spend the cash.

According to a survey by Arena Media, four in ten British holidaymakers will now be flying abroad this summer rather than staying on these shores. That’s a significant increase on last year’s figures. A quarter of all those surveyed said they would even be willing to go into debt rather than miss their summer break altogether. Over half will be dipping into their savings to make sure they have a bit of sunshine this summer.

The fact that more people will be going abroad is almost certainly as a result of last year’s bad weather and the continuing freeze of 2013. It seems that many of us simply can’t take this inclement weather any more. It also might have something to do with the fact that after last year’s incredible summer of sport, this year’s calendar is looking a bit less appealing.

Date Created: 12 April 2013

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