British travellers express their anger at rising APD

UK travellers have expressed their dismay at the rising cost of Air Passenger Duty (APD), with more than three-quarters (77%) of holidaymakers the responding to the 2013 TripAdvisor Flights Survey arguing that the controversial flight tax should be scrapped altogether.

APD is set for a further hike in April, and more than a quarter of Brits (27%) have argued that the cost of APD will have a bearing on their holiday plans this year. In a letter to Chancellor George Osborne, ahead of the Budget announcement on March 20th, the lobby group A Fair Tax on Flying, argues that the government is not heeding growing opposition against APD from the UK public.

A new analysis for the campaign group revealed that in the second half of 2012, more than 200,000 people wrote to MPs calling for changes to APD. Airport Operators Association chief executive Darren Caplan said: “The UK’s eye-wateringly high levels of APD jeopardise economic growth as well as unfairly penalise people travelling by air to, from and within the UK.

“Everyone knows this, including the 21 Cabinet members who have received over 12,500 emails on the subject, an average of 600 plus emails each.” Further findings from the research revealed that the fact that the 100ml limit for any liquids in carry-on luggage is set to be lifted by the EU next month has had little impact on British holidaymakers – with just 17% feeling less safe without the measures in place.

“Flights make up a significant part of the cost of a trip and the results of this research reveal that the ever increasing cost of APD is becoming a real concern for British travellers,” commented TripAdvisor spokesperson, Emma Shaw.“And, while the liquid ban was originally implemented for traveller safety, it seems that the majority of Brits won’t feel any less safe when the restriction is lifted later this year.”

The survey also put British Airways in the top spot as the UK’s favourite airline, followed by easyJet, Virgin Atlantic, Monarch and Thomson Airways. If you are heading off on holiday in 2013, it is important to secure travel insurance for whichever destination you are travelling to.

Date Created: 05 March 2013

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