Fun before the sun: Brits dubbed passengers most likely to join the mile high club

Flights are generally tedious affairs: from waiting in long queues at the airport to enduring a long journey squashed against seats, trays and other passengers, it is generally a relief to step off the plane and breathe the balmy foreign air.

However, new research has revealed that British passengers are getting into the holiday spirit before touching down in their destination. A far cry from the stubborn silence and inhibitions displayed on the underground, Brits have been named by 700 cabin crew members from around the world as most likely to join the mile high club.

Keen to make their own in-flight entertainment, Brits are shaking off the inhibitions for which we are renowned and getting frisky at 30,000ft. Skyscanner’s Karin Noble said: “People often become bored and restless during the flight, especially if they're travelling long haul so to ease the boredom, some do certainly try a bit of in-flight entertainment of their own and our survey shows that it is the Brits who go the extra mile!”

But Brits are not the only ones eager to join the coveted mile high club: the survey revealed that Australians, Germans, the French and Brazilians also enjoy a bit of mischief in the sky.

And it seems passengers are not the only ones enjoying a spot of in-flight romance, with three quarters of crew members surveyed saying they have been asked out on a date by a passenger during a flight, 14% of which accepted.

Ms Noble, who is a former air hostess, added: “Over the years, so many of my friends have been on dates with passengers. In fact one of them actually got married to a frequent flyer they got to know on a regular commuter route between Edinburgh and London.”If you are going on holiday this year, remember to take out a travel insurance policy before you go.

Date Created: 28 February 2013

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