Onesie is Britain’s favourite travelling apparel

Have you succumbed to the charms of the onesie? Research shows that one in eight adults now own a onesie and 17% splurged more than £50 on adult onesies in the past year.

The onesie stormed to success on the UK high street last year as the British public welcomed its arrival with open arms. And now it seems we have taken our national love affair with the onesie to the next level, with a recent poll by holiday company discovering that one in three UK adults under 30 have put the onesie at the top of their travelling outfits.

Calum Macdonald from said: “Years ago people would wear their Sunday best to travel – because there was a certain amount of prestige around flying and going abroad – but these days it’s what’s in fashion.” He added: “The Onesie is a huge fashion phenomenon and because of their comfort factor they’ve become a travel favourite - especially now celebrities are wearing them.”

Indeed, A-list celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Rita Ora have been spotted donning onesies in public. Even politicians haven’t managed to dodge the fad, with Nick Clegg reportedly the proud owner of a onesie. “With the boom in low cost airlines and because more young Brits are travelling abroad, travel fashion has become more about comfort and practicality than dressing up,” Mr Macdonald continued.

While comfort was cited as the most popular reason for favouring the onesie, 38% of those surveyed said they wore it for fashion reasons. A further 15% of women said that they chose to wear a onesie to the airport after applying fake tan, something which 5% of men also admitted to. Other reasons given were that you can easily strip off when you reach your destination.

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Date Created: 19 February 2013

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