Social media pushes holiday romances to the brink of extinction

Holiday romances are becoming steadily more short-lived – and the finger has been pointed at the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

The average holiday romance lasts just two months and five days, although people from Yorkshire manage to eke them out to an average of two months and 24 days. This is more than Scots and Londoners, who took second and third place respectively.

This is according to, which found that those aged between 16 and 24 were most likely to fall for someone on holiday. However, this age group was also the least likely to keep the flame alive. With holiday flings lasting an average of three months, 35-44 year olds claimed the crown for best long-term record.

Calum Macdonald from, said: “An average of two months and five days might not sound great but lots of relationships that don't start on holiday are over just as quickly so perhaps it's not so bad. “The beauty of a holiday romance is that it doesn't have to last, it's more just a bit of fun at the time,” he added.

He also said that social media sites add to the excitement, as couples can’t wait to check out the people they’ve met, and get in contact as soon as they touch down on home soil. Indeed, 93% of couples that meet on holiday agree that social media makes it easier to communicate at first. However social media platforms have also been blamed for killing holiday romance, with just over half of respondents saying that the facts they unearthed about their holiday flame encouraged them to end the relationship before meeting face-to-face again.

Nearly two fifths of holidaymakers also said they were less likely to have a holiday romance while abroad because of the possibility of being stalked on Facebook when they leave. It’s not all doom and gloom: 10% of holiday romances last over a year and one in a thousand results in marriage! If you are going overseas in 2013, be sure to take out a suitable travel insurance policy before you go.

Date Created: 15 February 2013

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