300 percent jump in searches for African holidays

Sun-starved Brits are well known for their love of foreign holidays, but the usual suspects have been shunned in favour of African destinations.

A number of UK holidaymakers might still be looking at more traditional destinations for their overseas getaway, such as Tenerife or Benidorm, but Brits are getting increasingly adventurous with their holiday choices as it emerges African holiday searches have leapt by a whopping 310%.

The findings come after online travel agency www.sunshine.co.uk investigated their site statistics to see whether Sir David Attenborough’s wildlife programme Africa had piqued the interest of UK travellers. The first episode of the esteemed BBC programme aired four weeks ago, and has reportedly sparked a 310% increase in searches for holidays to African destinations compared to the average month.

Whether it is the animals themselves or the lure of Sir David’s soothing voice which has drawn people in their thousands towards the far-flung destination is yet to be discovered – but either way the programme has sparked fresh interest in an untraditional British holiday location. The top ten African destinations and holidays searched for were: Cape Town, Morocco, Tunisia, West Africa and African Safari; followed by Egypt, Congo, Gambia, Cape Verde and Kenya.

Chris Clarkson, co-founder of sunshine.co.uk, said: “The scenery on the program is breathtaking and it’s not hard to see why so many people are looking into experiences such as safaris now, given the wildlife theme of the show.” He added: “Whilst destinations such as Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt and resorts in Tunisia have been family favourites for some time now, we think Sir David’s ‘Africa’ has certainly sparked an interest amongst holidaymakers for holidays more in the heart of Africa.”

He also advised those travelling off the beaten track to go to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for travel safety information.“It’s great to get out there and see the world, but do it safely!” he said. One way to ensure you are protected overseas is to take out travel insurance before jetting off.

Date Created: 05 February 2013

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