Tablets and tea bags Brit essentials

Brits are known the world over for their love of a decent brew and now it appears that their desire for the quintessentially English tipple doesn’t wane, even once they’ve left UK shores.

Along with holiday essentials such as sunscreen and sarongs, Brits are squeezing a packet of their favourite tea bags into their already bulging suitcases in order to ensure that they can have a taste of home whichever part of the globe they’re in. After all, if the Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t go without a cuppa on a recent tour of the Far East, there’s no reason why we can’t raise a china cup in her honour on our travels abroad.

Research from The Co-operative Travel revealed that almost a third of UK travellers are planning to do just this, with this group admitting to popping a few tea bags into their luggage in preparation for an overseas holiday. With most holidaymakers taking a plethora of gadgets with them on their trips away, it’s no wonder that adaptors top the list of ‘must have’ items for a break abroad for almost three quarters of travellers.

Tablets and smartphones followed closely behind as a holiday packing essential, with 62% of respondents arguing that they couldn’t bear to be parted from these nifty devices, even when they’re supposed to be getting away from it all.

The top five list was completed by less surprising items such as Towels (44%) and hair straighteners (31%). “The psychology of the suitcase is an interesting concept, and reveals a lot about us as individuals. It’s not just what we pack, it’s how we pack too,” said Joanna Wild, of The Co-operative Travel.

“Brits seem to have strict rules for folding or rolling, layering and ordering items inside their case. Packing differs by country too, with the suitcase of a Belgian tourist being arranged differently to a British holidaymaker.” If you are planning a break abroad this year, it is crucial to secure the right type of travel insurance before you leave.

Date Created: 11 January 2013

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