Toilet-inspired theme park in South Korea

The world’s first (and only) toilet theme park in South Korea has opened its doors to the public and is proving to be a great success.

The Restroom Culture Park in the southern city of Suwon is an educating experience for all visitors looking to learn fun facts about the lavatory. Park-goers also have the joy of looking around a toilet-themed art gallery. If bizarre bathroom art and faeces facts weren’t fun enough for visitors, they can also enjoy a toilet shaped house, which was built by the city’s former mayor, Sim Jae-Duck.

Mr Jae-Duck was obsessed with toilets and spent his life campaigning for better toilets in the sovereign state. The loo lover, who was affectionately known as Mr Toilet, was reportedly born in his grandmother’s lavatory. The park was built in memory of the former mayor and the park’s Lee Youn Souk said the importance of the toilet should not be underestimated. “We just focus on eating every day, we sometimes overlook the importance of the toilet,” she told the BBC.

“We already know upon waking up in the morning we should go to the toilet but people don’t want to talk about this. [They are] so important for health, sanitation and water conservation.” The city has embraced its flushing fascination and reputation for toilets and holds a Golden Poop Art festival every year.

The popular festival is one of the many things to see and do in South Korea. In another zany bid to attract tourists, South Korea is riding the Gangnam Style wave – following the hugely successful one-hit wonder Psy. Mr Lee Charm, Head of Korea Tourism Organisation, said: “If only 1% of them said, "Hey! What is this place, where is it? I'll go there,” that will be already about four to five million people, and so of course we will use that.”

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Date Created: 14 November 2012

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