Nearly half of Brits choosing package holidays

Nearly half of all British adults have booked a package holiday this year, choosing an all-in-one getaway option over a do-it-yourself break.

That is the finding of research by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), which has found that more Brits than ever before are choosing package holidays. It was found that 48% of Brits have booked an all-in-one trip this year, an increase of more than 10% since 2010.

“In recent years consumers have come to value the security and cost effectiveness that package holidays provide. At the same time the market has also evolved to offer greater choice to holidaymakers,” said Victoria Bacon, Head of Communications at the ABTA.

The biggest boom in package holidays’ popularity has been amongst 35-44 year-olds. A total of 51% of this age group said they had booked a package holiday this year, compared to just 36% in 2011. As package holidays have grown in popularity, DIY getaways have seen a slight decline. It was found that 39% of people have undertaken a DIY trip this year, compared to 43% last year.

“Many people are also realising that there are a huge variety of package holidays now available,” added Ms Bacon.“The market has evolved massively and is now very sophisticated, with packages to cater for every taste and budget – whether you want two weeks all-inclusive in the sun, a cruise around Asia or an adventure holiday in South America.”

Yet it’s not just trips abroad that Brits are booking package holidays for, more people are shunning the DIY ‘staycation’ in favour of a domestic package. Nearly a quarter of those taking a ‘staycation’ this year this did so as part of a package deal – compared to just one in ten last year. If you are planning a holiday abroad this year, either as a DIY trip or as part of a package, remember to take out travel insurance before you leave.

Date Created: 12 October 2012

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