Cheapest destinations for tourist taxes revealed

Morocco is the cheapest destination for holidaymakers when it comes to tourist taxes, research has revealed.

The North African country came top of a poll looking at the tourist taxes – such as visas and airport taxes – in popular tourist destinations. The study, carried out by Airport Parking and Hotels, looked at the 21 destinations that are most popular with British holidaymakers.

It found Morocco to be the cheapest destination, as it does not require a visa to visit and only charges £2.20 in airport taxes. Other destinations that have low airport taxes or departure charges include Canada, which charges £3.16 in airport taxes, and India, which charges £4.

However, a tourist visa is required for a holiday in India and this costs £30 along with an additional £10.20 service charge. In terms of visa costs, China was found to be the most expensive with a £30 charge for a single-entry visa. This is combined with a service charge of up to £54. Of the 21 destinations on the list, ten require a visa for entry. The majority of these charge for a visa, with the exception of Dubai and Mauritius. Visitors to these destinations are given a 30-day tourist visa upon arrival.

In terms of airport taxes or departure charges, Australia was found to be the most expensive. The Land Down Under levies a Passenger Movement Charge and an Airport Passenger Service Charge against visitors – setting them back a total of £56.40. Airport taxes are included in the price of a flight ticket in most destinations, with the exception of Mauritius, which charges visitors £10 when they leave the country.

Visitors to Spain now have to pay more as the government increased airport taxes to £14.40 in a bid to reduce the country’s deficit. If you are planning a trip abroad this year, wherever you go it is a good idea to take out travel insurance so you are protected while you’re away.

Date Created: 01 October 2012

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