Chinese paradise beach to rival world’s holiday hotspots

A lush costal region in China could soon become one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, rivalling that of Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Hainan province, which is often dubbed as China’s answer to Hawaii, is on track to become one of the world’s leading tourist resort destinations. A report released by the World Travel& Tourism Council (WTTC) claims that Hainan would be on a par with some of the world’s most renowned tourists spots by 2021.

The ‘Hainan: Travel & Tourism Development Potential 2011 – 2021’report predicts that Hainan’s future tourism economy is comparable to the size of Singapore’s tourism economy today. In December 2009, China’s State Council issued a decree stating that Hainan would join the top league of world-class tourist destinations by 2020 and the new report supports this.

Hainan is located in the South China Sea, which is the largest Special Economic Zone in the country and is quickly becoming a great source of income for the region. Last year tourism contributed to a staggering 35% of the province’s GDP and this figure is expected to rise to 46% by 2021.

The report states that tourism in Hainan will grow by 13% year on year for the next decade. As a direct impact, millions of jobs will be created in the tourism sector, which will be equal to that of Malaysia and Italy today. David Scowsill, WTTC president, said: “Hainan is clearly well on-track to achieve its aim of becoming a world-class international tourism destination by 2020.

“With rapid growth in employment, visitor expenditure and contribution to GDP, it is not surprising that this tropical island has already attracted the attention of almost every major international hotel brand. Those heading overseas, to Hainan or elsewhere, might wish to take travel insurance for peace of mind and financial security.

Date Created: 20 December 2012

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