Hotel prices rocket for Brits in popular holiday destinations

The average price for a double room has soared in nearly two thirds of destinations across the world. British travellers are now paying a notably high price to stay in Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, Perth, Dubai, Osaka, Key West and other places, according to new research.

Sky-high prices can be found in Rio where they have jumped a staggering 31% in the last year. It will now set Brits back an average of £182 for a double room in the Brazilian capital.

A number of exciting sporting events will be held in the city over the next few years, including the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. These events are expected to significantly boost tourism in the country; however, this could also serve to push up the price of hotel rates generally. Las Vegas, the home of Prince Harry’s recent escapades, has seen average hotel rates increase by 15% in the last 12 months from £73 to £84.

Prices increased by 34% in Perth to £148, according to the research from The popular Key West destination has also seen a 21% jump in room rates to £159. Dubai prices have increased by 21% to £134 and 35% in Osaka to £72. Monte Carlo was the most expensive destination in the study, where a double room will set back British holidaymakers an eye-watering £197, which is a 19% increase on last year.

Rio de Janeiro was the second most expensive destination for Brits, followed by Muscat (£179), New York (£171) and Geneva (£161). Despite this, New York remains one of the most popular destinations for British travellers along with Paris, Rome, Berlin and Barcelona.

Brits looking to take advantage of the pound against the euro might want to head to Krakow where it’s an average of £62 for a room. Bratislava (£61), Riga (£58) and Vilnius (£55) were also some of Europe’s most cost-effective cities. Backpackers might want to save on hotel room rates, but skimping on backpacker’s travel insurance could cost more in the long run.

Date Created: 05 September 2012

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