Families save up to £300 by wearing luggage on flights

In a trend known as ‘The Ryan Effect’, conscientious British families are utilising some of the savviest money-saving techniques ever witnessed this year as they abandon conventional luggage options and choose to wear holiday essentials onto flights instead.

According to the report issued by retailer Debenhams, sales of clothes and garments with a large volume of pockets increased by 135% during summer as Brits jumped on this latest money-saving phenomenon.

The trend is designed to combat baggage fees which are now commonly imposed by airlines, taking its name from an association with the budget airline Ryanair, who are often accused of introducing luggage charges in Britain initially. Instead of packing holiday essentials into suitcases where the added weight could easily exceed the strict weight restrictions applied to baggage, holidaymakers are choosing to keep them on their person by wearing coats and jackets with multiple pockets.

This adds approximately 15lbs (just under 7kg) to the weight of the average traveller, whilst ensuring that their wallets are kept equally weighty. In fact, for the average family, such action could save a staggering £300 when taking a trip to one of the many popular European destinations. Commenting on the situation, a spokesman for Debenhams, Ed Watson, explained that some customers even bring items they intend to pack in coats with them when shopping.

He went on to show support for the trend by asking: “[who would] pay to put [their] suitcase in the hold when [they] can carry everything [they] need onto the aircraft for free?” Whilst saving money is naturally a priority for British travellers in light of the current economic situation, investing in adequate protection via travel insurance should not be overlooked.

This is a vital product which can safeguard you from unexpected financial costs when travelling and can also protect against lost or damaged luggage; regardless of whether it is stored in the hold or carried onto the aircraft cabin in your pockets.

Date Created: 29 August 2012

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