Men vs women: what

You might think that women can’t live without a few essentials whilst on holiday, but new research shows that it’s men who end up taking items which are significantly more expensive.

According to a study that revealed the contents of men and women’s suitcases, men are more likely to take their favourite gadget with them on holiday. While men might be tempted to take a kindle, they could end up paying a high price if it is lost or stolen.

Surprisingly men take £1,461 worth of items with them on a trip, compared to women whose luggage is worth £1,417 for a week’s holiday. Some 74% of women are more likely to indulge in holiday reading and almost half of men are more likely to pack an embarrassing ‘dad’ hat.

“People like to be entertained even while lying in the sun when they're on holiday and the contents of their suitcases clearly reflect this. Bob Atkinson, a travel expert at MoneySupermarket, which carried out the research. “For some it's about updating Facebook on your mobile or tablet to brag to friends stuck at home, others like catching up on popular reads such as Fifty Shades of Grey on a Kindle.”

Despite heading for sunnier shores, a third of Brits won’t pack sun protection. This figure rose to 50% for Londoners, but those Londoners that do pack sun cream spend an average of £45 on staying safe in the sun.

“For others, it seems to be about spending time turning fifty shades of red from too much unprotected sun bathing,” added Mr Atkinson. “Those taking the decision to brave holiday weather without sunscreen in their luggage really should think again, or ensure they buy adequate sun lotion on arrival.”

Anybody going on holiday may wish to pack a travel insurance policy as well, to ensure they are protected financially.

Date Created: 23 August 2012

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