Brits take over £3,000 worth of goods to the beach with them

Holidaymakers take more than £3,000 worth of gadgets, designer clothes and more to the beach with them, research has revealed.

Research from Debenhams found that the average beach bag is worth a whopping £3,395, as a growing number of travellers become tech-savvy and bring the latest must-have gadgets to the beach with them. Some of the popular beach gadgets include Kindels, iPads and smartphones as well as designer sunglasses, watches and clothing.

This means that today’s beach bag is worth up to five times more than one a decade ago. Now, the typical beach bag contains up to £500 in jewellery alone. Mike Hazell, head of Debenhams personal finance, said: “We’ve found that Kindles, iPads and smart phones have replaced the simple book and walkman as holidaymakers pack their beach bags with gadgets to enjoy as they soak up the sun.”

The research also found that Brits are more reliant on gadgets than ever before. Only a 7% of people would have considered taking a Gameboy to the beach in 2002, but now nearly a third of holidaymakers can’t soak up the sun without their PSP or Nintendo DS nearby.

Despite this, a massive 75% of beach lovers have left their belongings on the sand to go take a dip. A third of them don’t have travel insurance because they believe it’s a ‘low risk’ holiday. This relaxed attitude towards beach theft has forced 7% of Brits to make a claim for stolen items. A third of holidaymakers who did have some level of cover found that it was insufficient to cover the value of the items stolen.

“A surprising number of Brits have an ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude when it comes to safeguarding their possessions – even more surprising when many of today’s must-have gadgets are so high in value,” added Mr Hazell.

If you are heading abroad on holiday soon, travel insurance can help give you peace of mind while you’re away.

Date Created: 22 August 2012

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