Holidays are worth double in wellbeing than in cost

Whilst you can’t put a price on happiness, you can put one on health as Britons claims that holidays are worth double their value in wellbeing compared to the cost.

Combined research from travel operator Kuoni Travel and Nuffield health, a hospital and gym group, found that 84% of Brits believe that holidays are worth twice as much in terms of wellbeing than they are in cost.

Of those polled, a third claim that every pound they spend on holiday is worth two to four times that in wellbeing and happiness. Some 21% said that £1 is worth five to seven times more, while 27% said it’s worth eight to ten times more.

It’s common knowledge that holidays provide people with the chance to unwind and relax. It comes as no surprise then that 63% of the 2,845 polled said holidays have the biggest positive impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing.

With the pressures of everyday life, it can take a while to reach a state of relaxation. Almost 70% of people said it takes up to four days to stop worrying about work while on holiday. “On a day-to-day basis, our bodies give us subtle physical signals for stress or tiredness that may be caused by our busy modern lives and we all intuitively know that a holiday can help us re-charge our batteries,” said Chris Jones, head of physiology at Nuffield Health.

“The fact that two-thirds of people are taking up to four days to switch off maybe an important indicator of how we manage stress in our everyday lives.” The aim of the study was to measure the impact of holidays on an individual’s wellbeing and help recognise the importance of managing everyday stress and anxieties. Anyone looking for additional peace of mind while on holiday should consider taking out travel insurance, which can protect you financially while you’re away.

Date Created: 01 August 2012

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