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Top ten reasons why couples argue on holiday

Going on holiday with your partner can be fun and exciting, allowing you to spend quality time together. But for many it also means major arguments.

According to the latest research, more than three quarters of couples have at least two big bust-ups whilst on holiday. The scene of the crime is usually at the beach or by the pool, as men become easily distracted by other women in bikinis. The research by online travel operator laterdeals.co.uk found that the number one reason for a holiday argument is because cheeky men have been caught red handed checking out other women by the beach or pool.

The second biggest cause for holiday arguments is over what activities to do. Men typically want to be active where women want to lie on the sun lounger for longer. Some 6% of hotheaded couples have confessed to having such big beachside barneys that they have even requested separate bedrooms during their holiday.

The list of unresolved issues stretches from ladies getting annoyed with their partners for not putting on enough sun cream, to arguments over the currency rate. Latedeals.co.uk’s online marketing manager Calum Macdonald said: “Everybody has their own idea of what makes the perfect break and when you clash on these ideals arguments can break out, however, it’s shocking to discover how much couples actually do argue when abroad.“

So what are the top ten holiday arguments? Arguments over packing – men packing too little, women packing too much What time to get to the airport Men checking out other females by the pool or on the beach Drinking too much Women taking too long to get ready for dinner Disagreements over activities: men wanting to be active, women wanting to lie on sun lounger Disagreements over spending too much money Arguments over driving in a foreign country, in particular map reading Where to eat and choice of food Disagreements over currency and what the exchange rate is

Getting travel insurance in advance could help to prevent holiday bust-ups should anything else go wrong.

Date Created: 30 July 2012

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