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Cheapest destinations for self-catering revealed

Despite living in economically challenging times, a large number of Brits still prioritise a summer holiday each year. Getting a well-deserved break is a must for most British workers, with many using cost-saving measures to make sure they can still enjoy a holiday.

Whether it is a ‘staycation’ here in Britain, an all-inclusive trip to avoid high holiday spending, or a self-catered break to avoid expensive restaurants, holidaymakers are constantly finding new ways to save money. So research by the Post Office will come in very handy to some, as it has revealed the cheapest destinations for a self-catered holiday.

The cheapest hotspot for self-catering was found to be Majorca, costing just £57.67 for a week’s basic provisions. This was closely followed by the Algarve, which costs £57.78 for a week’s DIY dinners. Contrastingly, several popular destinations were found to cost over £100 for week of self-catering. Cyprus was the most expensive at £104.29, followed by Corfu at £100.31.

“Although self-catering can be a great way for families to save money, they should choose their destination carefully. Majorca and Portugal are great value options but Greece is looking more expensive,” said Andrew Brown, Post Office Head of Travel Money. “Another thing to consider when budgeting for a self-catering holiday is how much drinks will cost. Our research shows that families could pay just over £5 for a coffee, a soft drink, a glass of wine and a beer in Gozo or Majorca but £10 or more in Brighton, Crete and Lanzarote.”

If you are planning a trip abroad this summer, it helps to try and make savings wherever you can. While travel insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, it could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Date Created: 11 July 2012

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