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Top 10 beaches revealed

Europe’s best beaches have been revealed by research into that most-loved of holiday destinations.

Seaside holidays have always been incredibly popular in the UK. From the likes of Brighton to Blackpool, Britons love the beach. Going to the beach might be an age-old tradition, but getting to them has never been easier. Thanks to modern day travel, Brits can enjoy far-flung beaches, with many people ditching the UK for the likes of Romania, Finland and Germany in search of better beaches.

The latest figures from hotel.info have found that Alcalá, Tenerife, is the nation’s favourite beach with a rating of 9.4 out of 10. The Spanish beach ticks all the boxes for Brits when it comes to getting that sun, sea and sand fix.

While Spanish beaches and resorts have always been popular, it appears that Germany is rising through the ranks to offer a number of popular beaches too. The second most popular beach in the top ten list was in the resort of Dierhagen, in Germany, with an impressive rating of 9.1.

Beaches in Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Finland and the Netherlands also made it into the top ten list. Andreas Klug, Country Manager UK for hotel.info said: “Beach and seaside breaks will continue to be popular, as seeking sun is what we do best when planning a holiday - the top 10 list gives some food for thought when seeking a new and unique accommodation experience.”

It might come as no surprise that people love beach holidays, as studies have shown that beaches uplift moods and create positive feelings. A two-year study of nearly 3,000 people found that outdoor locations spark positive feelings, with beaches and coastal areas giving visitors the most enjoyment. If you are heading off on holiday this summer, to a beach, city, or mountain range, remember to take out travel insurance to stay protected while you’re away.

Date Created: 08 June 2012

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