World’s oldest backpacker aged 95

Forget four star accommodation and home comforts; one 95-year-old backpacker has taken to the life of travelling, with all the thrills but without the frills.

Australian war veteran Keith Wright, aged 95, has been travelling the globe for the last ten years. The pensioner, who doesn’t plan on giving up travelling anytime soon, has been flying solo around the world since 2002. He took his first solo trip at the age of 85, after his wife passed away.

Ticking off most countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the Keith’s list of countries continues to grow. His next trip will be his eighth journey to Europe, where he plans on staying in budget hostels – rubbing shoulders with 18 to 30 backpackers. Taking independent rail journeys through Europe, the adventurous 95-year-old will travel there on an economy round the world ticket.

“I have had itchy feet all my life and had always wanted to go to Gallipoli on Anzac Day, so I decided to sell our house and put the extra money towards a holiday,” Mr Wright said. “My belief is that if you are fit and able to travel independently, it is the best way to see as much as of the world as you want.”

On 28 May he is heading back to Madrid, San Sebastian, Paris, Munich and Vienna for a two-month holiday, setting aside a special trip to London to see his favourite Australian horse race at Royal Ascot.

Backpacking across the globe typically appeals to younger generations who are prepared to drop living standards to see the wonders of the world on a budget. Despite this, Mr Wright proves that you can travel around the world at any age. If you are heading backpacking in the near future, it could be advisable to take out backpacking insurance for peace of mind.

Date Created: 31 May 2012

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