Brits unimaginative when it comes to holiday destinations

More than three quarters of Brits have been on holiday to the same place more than once, research has revealed.

In a poll showing that, as a nation, we’re quite unimaginative when it comes to our holiday ideas, travel guide company Rough Guides has found that most of like to stick to what we know. It was found that more than three quarters of us have been to a holiday destination more than once, while almost one in ten have been back more than ten times.

But it seems we aren’t just unadventurous when it comes to picking a holiday destination – we like to stick to the familiar when we’re there too. The research found that more than 40% of holidaymakers venture less than 15 miles from their accommodation the whole time they are away.

Not only that, but two third of Brits said they don’t bother to visit their chosen destination’s most famous landmarks. Less than 40% of people said they were prepared to step out of their comfort zone for their annual trip abroad, while only a third said they make an effort to meet new people when they’re away.

But it wasn’t all bad news for British holidaymakers. The research found that more than a third of us think we should broaden our horizons when we go away, while more than half admit that the more exploration you do while away, the more memorable the holiday is.

When asked why they go back to the same destinations, 40% of people said that they enjoy the familiarity and had got to know local people. A further 70% said it was simply because they really loved it. If you are planning a holiday abroad this year, whether it’s to a familiar destination or somewhere new, remember to take out travel insurance. This will cover you against things like theft or accident.

Date Created: 25 May 2012

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