North America is most expensive destination for injured Brits

According to the latest figures, British travellers who visit North America over the winter could be faced with the most expensive bills if they require medical treatment.

The data, which was compiled after an investigation by a leading insurer, revealed the average cost of a claim by Brits holidaying in the US or Canada to be more than £2,500 for winter 2010/2011. These claims were related to winter sports holidays and left travellers with a £2,863 bill for the medical treatment they needed.

Skiing holidays to these destinations could, therefore, be costly in more ways than one for Brits and the cost of care is startling when we consider that the average claim figure for accidents relating to skiing holidays is just £493 in countries such as Bulgaria. Other major skiing destinations such as Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland also incurred sizeable claims, averaging at £819, £960, £1,393 and £737 respectively.

Alongside these figures, the study also revealed which injuries were most common amongst those who took to the slopes during 2010/2011. Knees were found to bear the brunt of the damage, accounting for almost one third (31%) of all claims with an average claim value of more than £750. Back injuries were only responsible for a small proportion of claims (4%) but their value was considerably higher, with an average cost of more than £2,700.

THead injuries were another expensive ailment for skiers, resulting in an average cost of £2,286. This data demonstrates how dangerous sporting holidays such as these can be, making it vital that travellers invest in the necessary cover prior to their trip. Without the necessary travel insurance, travellers would be left to face these bills without assistance and this is something which could place unnecessary strain on them during their time of recovery.

Anyone thinking of undertaking a skiing holiday this year should check that their insurance provider offers cover for this extreme sport and should ensure they follow the necessary safety guidelines to reduce the chance of experiencing an accident. Travel insurance quotes can be obtained for varying levels of cover, which provide protection for either singular or multiple trips with cover for sports such as skiing usually available as an optional extra.

Date Created: 16 April 2012

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