Millions plan holidays to avoid Olympics

As the Olympic and Paralympic Games draw closer, research has revealed that millions of people are planning to be nowhere the UK when they actually begin in July.

Travelex, the foreign exchange business, has discovered that as many as ten million Brits are planning to go abroad during the Games. Travelex found that nearly a third of Brits who have already booked a summer break based their holiday dates around the Games. Of those surveyed, 35% had already booked a summer holiday, and three quarters of those said that the games affected the date of their holiday in some way.

As well as this, more than a quarter said that they intend to book a summer holiday that avoids as much of the Olympics as possible.

The most popular reasons for people heading overseas were to escape the inevitable hoards of Olympic tourists and the extensive television coverage.

The research suggested that the period leading up to the start of the Games is likely be the most popular for Brits escaping the furore, with around four million estimated to leave Britain in the five days before the Olympics. “While the Olympics should be a fantastic spectacle it seems a large number of Brits would prefer to watch it from afar,” Elvin Eldic, from Travelex, told the Daily Mail. The research also revealed that 10% of people have even altered the dates of an existing holiday, just so they can get away before the Games begin.

But it’s not just those going away already that are changing their plans because of the Olympics. The research showed that one in six people are saying they would have stayed in Britain had the Games not been on. If you are planning a holiday abroad this summer, whether it’s to avoid the Olympics or not, remember to take out travel insurance. This will cover you financially in case of things like theft or injury.

Date Created: 05 April 2012

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