Hotel prices up around the world

Hotel room prices are going up in the majority of regions around the world, research has revealed.

A survey carried out by has found that global room rates went up by an average of 4% last year. The survey gathered information from more than 140,000 hotels in 85 countries to find out how much they were charging for a room. It was found that hotel prices in all regions but one had gone up. Asia was the only region where prices dropped, by an average of 2%.While overall hotel room rates were up, the survey found that there were still drops in prices in individual countries in Europe and the Middle East.

It was found that hotel rooms in Egypt were down by 22% last year, with prices in Sharm El Sheikh dropping by 30%. Tunisia also saw a fall in prices of 9% in 2011..

“Price volatility in 2011 meant UK travellers found it more expensive to stay in the majority of their favourite destinations abroad,” said David Roche, president of”

“A variety of factors, including currency movements and a growth in corporate travel, pushed up prices at a time when many consumers were already struggling to pay their bills at home.”.

While most countries in Europe saw an increase, Greece’s economic turmoil meant that hotel prices dropped in Athens by 10%.

Further afield, prices were also up. Rooms in the US went up by an average of 3% in 2011, but the rise was steeper in some cities, with San Francisco up 14% and Las Vegas rising 11%. If you are planning a trip this year, you can still keep costs down despite the increase in hotel prices. Things like travel insurance can be purchased for a good price if you shop around.

Date Created: 26 March 2012

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