Chit chatting with strangers – favourite in-flight activity for Brits

TouristsWherever we are in the world our behaviour is likely to come under scrutiny, and new research has revealed that this also applies to being thousands of feet up in the air.

Fresh from the news that Brits abroad have made significant strides in how they’re perceived by locals, new research also shows that UK holidaymakers are extending the hand of friendship to others before they’ve even landed on foreign shores.

Questioning 1,500 people from eight different countries,The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) put different nations in-flight personas under the microscope, revealing that the traditionally British stiff upper lip falls to the wayside once they take to the skies.

The survey revealed that Brits and Germans pass their flying time by chit chatting with their fellow passengers - with air travellers from these two countries spending around 50% more time on forging in-flight friendships.

Further figures from the survey showed that Americans would rather convert their flying time into working time – opting to catch up on office tasks as they glide at 35,000 feet.

Brazilians are also likely to be glued to their devices during the course of a flight – according to the survey – whiling away their flight time by conducting conversations over email, messaging apps or social media.

Chinese travellers were also found to combine the delights of an in-flight nap with a spot of in-flight shopping during waking hours, while Australians emerged as the nation most likely (36%) to enjoy a tipple or two as their flight gets underway.

What do air passengers really want from their in-flight experience?

Further figures from the survey revealed what travellers really want from their in-flight experience, with comfortable seating, quieter cabins and upgraded lavatories all making the wish list.

“The industry has greatly improved the comfort, ambience, connectivity and entertainment onboard aircraft, and this data underscores that passengers are embracing those improvements,” said Russell Lemieux, APEX executive director.

“At the same time, passengers are demanding more from their air travel experiences which will drive more innovations touching all aspects of the journey,” he added.

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Date Created: 22 October 2014

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