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Car hire costs around the world revealed

If you’re already planning your summer holiday for 2020, you’re likely already factoring in potential costs, such as the price of car hire.

Unsurprisingly, costs vary wildly depending on your chosen destination, according to new figures from Choose My Car.

The firm has revealed how much people can expect to pay for car hire around the world, based on the seven-day hire of a mid-size car from an airport or capital city, with a driver aged at least 30.

All of the figures are predominantly from Avis, with data for Sixt or Hertz used to fill gaps where other data was not available.

People in car

The cheapest countries for car hire

Montenegro is the cheapest location to hire a car, with a week’s rental costing just £31, closely followed by several other Eastern European countries.

Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia were the next low-cost locations, with car hire costing £43, £56 and £59.14 for a week respectively.

Guatemala and Brazil were the only non-European nations to feature among the ten cheapest countries, with rental costing £81 and £94 in those two countries.

You can hire a car in Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Denmark for between £90 and £105, still considerably less than a week’s rental in the UK which will set you back around £234.

Kotor Montenegro

What about popular holiday spots?

Spain is the most popular holiday destination among Brits, and it will cost £186 on average to hire a car for a week in the summer, ranking the country 31st globally.

The good news is that’s the most expensive figure for a number of other popular countries, as car hire will cost less in Portugal, Italy, France and Ireland.

Getting a fair reflection for rental in the USA is also tough given the size of the country, as the Avis figures are based on a rental in Washington DC where a week’s car hire costs £279.

Washington DC

Where to avoid car hire

If you plan to hire in Cambodia and Ghana you should probably consider your alternative options, as it’ll cost you £905 and £903 for a weekly rental respectively in those countries.

Other expensive nations include Benin and Burkina Faso, where rental costs at least £837, while car hire in the fifth most expensive country, Angola, still costs £673 for a week.

Don’t forget insurance

The majority of rentals include a level of insurance cover, although you can get additional cover in the form of car hire excess insurance.

Such cover protects the excess you would need to pay should you hire car be damaged, a figure that could cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

While you would still need to pay the excess in the event of making a claim – the excess figure should therefore remain affordable – you can then claim back that finance using your policy.

Date Created: 11/02/2020

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