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Cruise predictions suggest bumper year in 2020

An incredible 32 million people could embark on cruises in 2020 with the sector preparing for rapid growth, a new industry analysis has revealed.

That represents an estimated increase of two million people from 2019, as cruise firms launch new vessels to meet the growing demand.

According to a report into the state of the industry from cruise line body Clia (Cruise Lines International Association), 278 ships will be operated by its members by the end of 2020, generating $150 billion (c. £115 billion) for the sector.

With 19 new vessels set to enter service in the new year, cruisers around the world will be able to visit new destinations while enjoying state-of-the-art hospitality.

Cruise ship in the sunset

Stopping off in port

Passengers spend $376 (c. £286) in port cities prior to departure and a further $101 (c. £77) in each destination they stop at, providing a significant boost for numerous big cities across the globe.

An estimated 14.2 million of the people embarking on cruises were North American in 2018, by far the largest market globally.

For comparison, figures from Clia released earlier in 2019 suggest that UK and Irish customers accounted for just over two million passengers in 2018.

Importantly, around 65% of cruise passengers admit to spending a day or more at the ports where they begin or finish cruises, with many opting to explore the cities or hire vehicles to venture further afield.

The latest data also revealed that several cruise lines have a condensed cruise offering, with shorter time spent on the water, enabling people to spend more time in the embarkation and arrival destinations.

Clia’s report also highlights the importance of sustainable cruising, in recognition of growing demand for climate-friendly tourism and of a need to protect cities and their attractions.

Disney Cruise Ship

Stay insured

If you do hire a vehicle at the end of a cruise or at a stopover destination, remember to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover.

This might come in the form of car hire excess insurance, which protects against the excess you would need to pay should any damage happen to the vehicle.

While you would need to pay the excess in the event of a claim, you would then be able to claim that finance back via your policy.

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Date Created: 14/01/2020

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