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How to perfect the art of holiday packing

The majority of people love to travel light when they go on holiday but doing so is often more difficult than you may think.

Most people are prone to packing more than they need to and can be caught out, especially with airlines that charge for baggage or which have a limited baggage allowance.

Having a lot of luggage can also cause problems if you plan to hire a car, as larger suitcases or having more of them can mean a car with more boot space is needed.

This requires the hire firm to have availability and may ultimately cost more money if a larger type of vehicle is needed.

So why pack light?

Firstly, just ask yourself why it’s necessary to take things you don’t need halfway around the world!

Not only do you have to carry it and remember it if you leave it a room, it also enhances your carbon footprint when you fly.

Of course, what you require will very much depend on where you are going and when, and while there are things you will always need, how much can you really cut back?

Holiday luggage

Think about the destination

Hot locations will require considerably less than a skiing holiday, often meaning you’ll only really need the essentials.

However, with ski equipment and winter clothing, it can be a different story.  Travellers could save money by hiring in resort rather than paying the costs associated with taking their own equipment overseas.

If you’re interested in booking a trip to a ski resort, Questor Travel will be able to help you in your search for the best destination. 

Is what you’re packing necessary?

While smart shoes or an evening dress may seem like a good idea, is it necessary in your chosen destination?

Having a change of clothes is often enough, while you could always take advantage of washing facilities if you’re away from home for a long period.

Alternatively, pack light and purchase those must-have items when you arrive – this can also be a great way to pick up a few souvenirs along the way!

Holiday suitcase

Don’t forget insurance cover

Alongside travel insurance, if you intend to hire a vehicle you may want to opt for car hire excess insurance to provide an additional level of cover.

Such a policy covers the excess that a driver will need to pay should their hire car be damaged or stolen – a figure that could add up to hundreds or even thousands of pounds!

Not only does it provide peace of mind for the duration of a trip, but it often costs far less when purchased via a third party online than it does at the car hire desk.

Date Created: 10/12/2019

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