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What you need to know about ski holiday car hire

If you’re jetting off to the slopes for ski season, it’s likely you’ll want to consider the freedom and flexibility that having a hire car brings.Snowboards

Not only can you make your way to the resort at your own pace, taking in the sights as you go, but you won’t be constrained by the excursion offering at your hotel either.

Having the ability to travel as you want means you can explore the slopes on offer and take in the surrounding area too – great if you’re in a region where several resorts are located within close vicinity.

Of course, driving in the snow is not without its potential pitfalls. But there are plenty of actions that travellers can take to reduce any stress associated with a rental.

Here are a few of the key pointers you’ll want to consider…

Plan the sort of vehicle you need

Car hire firms group their vehicles by type, so you should give plenty of thought to what kind of vehicle is right for you.

If you’re taking your own ski equipment, you’ll likely need a car with greater boot space, while you may also want more space if you intend to hire equipment in resort and travel.

However, don’t feel you need to take a vehicle that is considerably larger than you are used to – most roads are kept clear of snow so a relatively compact vehicle may suffice.

Book early if you can

Demand for hire vehicles at the height of the winter season could mean that not all types of vehicle are available.

Booking as far in advance as possible should boost the number of options available and increase the likelihood of you being given the type of hire car you desire.

Know your route

Driving on new roads in snowy conditions can be challenging, so knowing what route to take can reduce stress during the journey.

You may want to hire a sat-nav from the hire company, or a cheaper alternative is to take your own or use the map functionality on a smartphone.

If you’re keen to keep costs down and to avoid any roaming charges, you may want to download maps that can be used when offline.

Snowy road

Be prepared

Where certain equipment is a legal requirement, hire cars will include it as a matter of course. However, you should check that you know how to attach snow chains and how to drive safely when they are on.

If you’re unsure of whether winterisation is a requirement, you should enquire with the hire firm to ensure that you have everything you need.

Take things slowly

When driving in the snow, there are two main things to remember – stay in a low gear as much as possible for greater control and take things slowly!

Remember your insurance cover

Double-check what cover is included with the standard rental package and remember that you’ll likely still need to pay an excess fee in the event of any damage.

However, car hire excess insurance can cover the fee you would need to pay, providing peace of mind for the duration of your trip and this costs considerably less when purchased online than at the car hire desk.


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Date Created: 14/11/2019

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