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Top 10 reasons to take a cruise

Around two million Brits went on a cruise in 2018, and that figure is rising year-on-year – but why would you want to join them?

Ports all around the UK serve various European destinations in the Baltics and the Mediterranean, as well as far-flung locations including the USA and the Caribbean.

You could always fly to a location before embarking, or join a river cruise to see delightful inland cities and scenery – meaning you have plenty of cruise possibilities around the world.

More cruise options and cruise lines are reflective of global growth in the sector, and while there are an abundance of reasons for choosing a cruise as your next holiday, here are our top ten.

1. Plenty of choice

As already touched upon, the number of cruise options is increasing and that means you can discover even more parts of the world.

From exploring the Norwegian Fjords or the Balkan coast to embarking on an around the world tour, there are few limits on where you can go.

With regular coastal stopping points and opportunities for excursions, you should never be short of things to see and do.

2. Top quality cuisine

With multiple restaurants to pick from that offer an eclectic mix of cuisines, cruises offer the perfect opportunity to delve into a new cuisine.

Speciality restaurants, 24-hour buffet options and mass dining halls cater for your every need, allowing you get a taste for as little, or as much, as you want.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are always included in your cruise fare, meaning you won’t ever go hungry!

3. Themed options

While a generic cruise may offer the abundance of choice you crave, there are also a number of themed cruise options that provide incredible alternatives.

From family cruises to those aimed just at singles, to golf cruises or those based on TV programmes and movies, a fun and unique cruise opportunity is out there for you.

Cruise ship

4. Great weather

Cruise ships are covered in sun loungers and that’s because the destinations they visit are often among the sunniest on the planet.

It means sunscreen is essential, but it also means you can enjoy stunning weather and even the possibility of taking in beach excursions when in port.

5. Fantastic entertainment

Circus shows, comedians, music and dancing, fun game shows, swimming competitions, ventriloquism – if you can think of it, a cruise ship probably offers it.

Such is the abundance of entertainment options on board, you should be able to find something to meet your tastes!

6. Shop, shop, shop!

Tax-free shopping opportunities mean you can snap up bargains on everything from jewellery to alcohol and designer goods.

Many cruise ships offer deals on certain goods and from selected vendors, and while there are some limitations, you should find you can shop to your heart’s content.

7. Meet and greet

From the sun decks to the restaurants, you can meet new people at every turn – allowing you to enjoy the company of like-minded travellers.

Some cruise lines do enable you to dine privately if you prefer too, meaning you can be as outgoing as you wish.

8. Superior service

Cruise ships are renowned for their high levels of service, especially when dining or moving around the ship.

Staff will likely be on hand to greet you and to attend to your every need, helping to make your experience as stress-free and relaxing as possible.

9. Incredible wildlife in stunning surroundings

Not only do you get to see jaw-dropping scenery when on a cruise, especially in the locations you visit, but you also get to see spectacular local wildlife.

It could be tropical fish, birds and stingrays in the Caribbean, whales off the coast of Alaska or giant turtles in the Galapagos – a cruise could be the best way to enjoy such an experience.

Some cruise firms offer nature and wildlife cruises too, which are specifically designed to visit the remote locations that rare and exotic species call home.

 Cruise ship

10. Value

Last, but certainly not least among the top reasons for going on a cruise, is the value that it offers.

As everything is included in the cruise package, you need not pay any more for your holiday, enabling you to keep the costs down.

You will often find that once you have totalled up the costs of holiday essentials such as accommodation, travel, entertainment and food for a trip elsewhere, a cruise can offer far better value.

If you do intend to go on a cruise in the coming months, be sure to have adequate travel insurance in place before you travel. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your policy to know exactly what you are covered for. 

Date Created: 04/04/2019

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