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How to avoid ski holiday car rental extras

A winter ski holiday can be a costly experience at the best of times, but if you intend to hire a car on your travels, there are ways to keep the costs down.

There are numerous added extras that you should look to avoid, as a failure to plan in advance could see you hit by an avalanche of costs.  From insurance waivers to child car seats and fees for additional drivers, you’ll need to have your guard up to avoid paying more than you need to.

If you’re not careful, these outlays can eat up a considerable portion of your holiday budget and may even double the total costs of your car hire.

Of course, if you know what to look out for and take the time to plan your trip in advance, many of these additional costs can be factored in or avoided altogether.

Common extras

It’s important to recognise what will be considered as extras, with ski racks and sat-navs the most common requirements for those going on ski holidays.

Fees for additional drivers also need to be given plenty of thought, especially if you plan to name someone under the age of 25 on the car hire plan as this can cause costs to double.  Some rental companies will also charge an additional fee dependant on the age of the hirer. Younger drivers (usually 21-25 years old) and older drivers (70-75 years old) can sometimes be charged more for the hire, so be sure to check this when comparing quotes.

Opting for additional insurance cover at the car rental desk will also increase the cost of car hire significantly and lower cost alternatives can be found online.

How to save on extras

Taking your own items can significantly bring costs down, so you may want to take things like car seats and sat-navs if you’re able to.

In the case of the latter, it can work out to be considerably cheaper if you download additional maps onto your own system, or you may wish to use a map application on your mobile phone.

Winter tyres and other essentials should be included by law in some countries, so it’s important to do your research.

Opting for a larger car without a roof rack may also work out being a cheaper alternative to a smaller car that includes a rack – consider your own needs very carefully before making a decision.

You may also wish to invest in a car hire excess insurance policy before you travel, as it can provide you with cover should you need to claim.

Note that while you would need to pay out initially in such instances, such cover provides peace of mind should a claim be necessary.


Date Created: 17/12/2018

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