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Tips for driving in the fog

So you may be aware that the UK has recently had a lot of fog covering many areas, it’s safe to say that UK drivers are used to driving in the foggy conditions. Take a look below at a few tips that may come in useful for when you are faced with driving on a dull, foggy day.

What causes fog?

Fog is caused by moisture within the air forming very slight vapour drops, this occurs when the temperature decreases down to what is called the dewpoint. It’s likely that you will see mist or fog floating around on fields or rivers, this is because of lower ground temperature chilling the air.


  1. Reduce speed, if its foggy outside and you don’t have great visibility then it is advised to not drive fast. Keep an eye on your speed clock to make sure your speed is in accordance with the advised speed limit and your visibility. Thick fog can sometimes make you lose awareness of your speed, so it’s always a good idea to keep a close look on how fast you’re travelling.
  2. Keep your distance, fog can really reduce the visibility of vehicles that are in front of you. If the vehicle in front has to break suddenly it could take you more time to react due to the reduced visibility.  
  3. Does your car have automatic lights? Remember to check to see if your lights are on, as there could be the chance they may not automatically be on as the foggy conditions can sometimes confuse the light sensors.
  4. You must remember to not use full beam, this is because the fog reflects the light back causing the visibility to be even more reduced.


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Date Created: 03/01/2017

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