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Most Unique Holiday Souvenirs

TravelWhether it’s for yourself or a loved one, choosing a holiday souvenir can be great fun. But where do you start if you want to choose something a bit different from the typical magnets, keychains t-shirts and pens? Take a look below at some of the more interesting and unique souvenir ideas which you can take back from your holiday.

Something Specific from the Country

Consider purchasing a gift or souvenir which is specific to the country you are visiting. Some countries are known for set items or delicacies, many of which can make great souvenirs or gifts. An example of this is that Argentina is well known for its leather goods, so pick yourself or your loved one up a new leather wallet or a classy pair of shoes. Don’t forget Spain and Greece are both famous for their olives and olive oil, Ireland for whisky and Italy for traditional Venetian masks These are just a few of the country specific gifts you can purchase on your travels, when visiting other countries around the world don’t forget to keep an eye out for great specific gifts.

Budding Artist

Homemade souvenirs can be exceptionally sentimental and meaningful. If you’re a budding artist or just have a creative streak, paint or sketch a picture of something memorable from the holiday (don’t forget to give it your own edge and choose a style right for you). Not so good at drawing, however better with the camera? Get some picturesque or quirky snaps and put them in some great looking frames, simple yet perfect!

Jewelry or Trinkets

Jewelry doesn’t always have to be expensive, sometimes a small token piece of jewelry or trinket can be exceptionally meaningful and one of the most perfect souvenirs for a loved one. Our top tip is to pick up a small piece of jewelry which will be meaningful to your loved one and present it to them when you’re back on the plane on your way home.

Seasonal items

Small seasonal souvenirs can last a lifetime and will always remind you of your holiday during that season. For examples, if you visit a destination during the Christmas months or season pick up a special Christmas decoration for your tree or home, this way every Christmas you will be reminded of happy memories.

What not to buy

There are some souvenirs which are best to avoid for a number of reason. At Questor Insurance we advise avoiding any souvenir which may have a negative impact on the environment or the country you are travelling too e.g. avoid anything ivory, coral, items made of animals or anything which could be considered illegal. We would advise picking something meaningful or useful rather than generic items such as plastic keyrings or t-shirts, many of these sorts of items are often thrown away or not used.

Received a great holiday souvenir this year or just have some great holiday souvenir ideas which you would love to give or receive? We would love to hear them, send us a tweet and a picture to @Questorins

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Date Created: 24/10/2016

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