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Foods to Avoid Before a Flight

TravelNormally before a flight you have been rushing around and just want to eat something quick and easy, perhaps a typical English dish or even some comfort food. However, eating the right food before and during your flight has never been more crucial, so you get the most out of your holiday from the very start. That is why we have put together a handy list of some of the top foods to avoid before a flight and the ones you should opt for instead.

Foods to avoid before a flight

Some foods are just best avoided before a flight, especially if you want to make sure your journey is comfortable for yourself and your fellow passengers. Take a look below at some of the foods to avoid before your journey.

Trigger foods – Avoid spicy or fried food which can cause heartburn. Heartburn can be uncomfortable at best, other foods which can cause heartburn include chocolate, fizzy drinks, spicy, fried and extra-large meals.

Onion and garlic – Avoid foods with a strong odor, the main reason for this is out of curtesy for other passengers (no one wants to smell garlic for the next 4 hours).

Beans – Avoid food which may cause excess gas and discomfort, being bloated and uncomfortable during a long fight can really put a downer on your holiday.

Alcohol – We know everyone likes to let their hair down and get the party started as soon as possible, or have that quick tipple before the flight to help settle those nerves. Alcohol before flying brings a whole host of negativities including; having trouble sleeping once landing and helping to contribute to headaches and dehydration.  

Best foods to eat before a flight

Some foods can help to reduce the effects of jet lag and some of the strain that flying can put on the body. Take a look below at some of the foods and drinks you should consume to get your holiday off to a flying start.


Water – Combat flight dehydration by drinking plenty of fluids especially water, don’t forget to add a slice of lemon to help combat dry and sore throats. Both alcoholic and caffeinated beverages contribute to dehydration.

Smoothie’s and Yoghurt’s – Smoothies and yoghurts are great preflight snacks! The fruit helps to boost your vitamin C and natural yoghurts may help to settle the stomach from flight stresses. Make sure to only have natural smoothies as many shop bought ones contain high levels of sugars and sweeteners.

Herbal teas – Herbal teas help to keep you hydrated and can taste great! Why not opt in for a peppermint tea for soothing stomach benefits or a calming chamomile tea to help you relax.

Celery – Snack on celery and foods high in vitamin B to help reduce the feelings of anxiety and flying woes.

Banana – Snack on a banana to help keep you full as well as to help you sleep during your flight. Bananas are packed with nutrients and vitamins including magnesium and potassium which help the body to relax and rest.

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Date Created: 03/08/2016

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