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Should I use a dash camera?

trafficWe have all been there watching that driver in front or behind, wishing we could record them for our own security or just to show someone else. That is why dash cameras are the latest car accessory which are taking the roads by storm. Take a look below to find out more about dash cameras and how they may affect you.  

What is a dash camera?

Every day we are all caught on camera, whether it be walking down the high street, in a shop, a security camera or even while driving on the roads. People are turning to cameras for all sorts of situation and reasons.

Dash cameras are small cameras which can be placed on the dashboard of the car or stuck to the window screen to record your driving and other drivers on the road. There are a range of dash cameras on the market to choose from, all with the main function of recording the road and saving the footage in case you need it.

Pros of using a dash camera:

There are many reasons for drivers to install a dash camera in their car. However the main reasons are for self-protection and visual proof of a situation. Take a look below at some of the advantages of using a dash camera:

  • They are legal to use in the UK

  • They give the driver a sense of security

  • They can be used in a court of law

  • The footage can be used by insurance companies to help settle a claim

  • You can even use the camera for entertainment purposes, such as using the footage to create a montage of your drives or favourite scenery

  • A dash camera can be used to review the driving of a new or learner driver

  • They are low in price, starting from as little as £30, meaning there is one for all types of budgets

Cons of using a dash camera:

There are very few cons of using a dash camera, however there are a few you should be aware of:

  • Ensure you are not breaking the law by affecting your visibility with the camera

  • In some countries it is illegal to record someone without their permission, always check the laws before using a dash camera in a new country

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Date Created: 05/04/2016

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