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Hospital Beds Are Costing More than Apartments

Did you know that according to reasearch the world’s most expensive hospital beds can cost more than an average luxury apartment rental? Sick or injured travellers are having to pay nearly £450 a night for medical treatment. Singapore was the most costly destination to fall sick in with the average cost to pay per night being £615, some view this as an outrage. The Netherlands, Canada and Hong Kong have all charged in excess off around £413 a night for medical care, with the UK, France, Japan and Germany not too far behind that amount. The average range for taking out travel insurance is £48-£69.

So based on this, when traveling to one of the above stated countries would you rather pay the rate of the travel insurance or take the risk of paying out the full premium for the medial care?


Why not cover the risk of having to pay out large fees for medical care by taking out our travel insurance:


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Date Created: 22/02/2016

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