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Top Water Parks around the World

waterparkAt Questor Insurance we love traveling to hot and tropical destinations, the only thing that can make them even better is being able to cool off at a water park. There are over 2000 amazing water parks around the world, however in order to make the perfect water park we believe they need to be big, unique and cater for the whole family. Take a look below at some of our favourite water parks around the world:

World Water Park - Canada

World Water Park in Canada is the only water park located in a shopping and entertainment complex. The water park itself boasts 15 water slides for all different thrill levels, including the Sky Screamer Extreme which sends the rider plummeting down a vertical free fall.

Once you have finished in the water park you can have hours of fun making the most of the rest of the West Edmonton Mall complex. There are plenty of shops, allowing you to shop until your hearts is content, a great selection of restaurants, an Aquarian and even a cinema, we can’t think of a more fun way to spend a holiday!


Beach Park – Brazil

Beach Park is an exciting water park located in a popular Brazilian tourist resort, boasting a whopping 16 attractions ranging from family to thrill seeker there are options for everyone. Our favourite attraction is The Chills, where riders get to ride a 90 degree half pipe in a 2 person boat!


Etnaland – Italy

Etnaland Park is located at the bottom of volcano Etna which gives visitors to the park the most beautiful views when enjoying the attractions. The park consists of a Theme Park, Aqua Park and even a Prehistoric Park so there is plenty to do during your visit. The waterpark has an impressive 15 slides, a wave pool, hydro pool and unlike many other parks even has a selection of water rides.


Blizzard Beach - Florida

Blizzard Beach is the third Disney water park and One of Disney’s most wonderful creations. As with many Disney creations the park comes with a story. Legend suggests that there was a freak snow storm which resulted in Florida’s first ever ski resort. The snow melted creating what is known today as “slushy and slippery” Blizzard Beach. If you decide to visit the park we recommend trying the Summit Plummet, which is one of the world’s tallest and fastest near vertical drop slides.


Wet and Wild - Orlando

Wet and Wild is the perfect water park for groups of friends, not only is there plenty of solo thrills but there are loads of activities for everyone to do together. Wet and Wild is one of the few water parks where you and your friends can experience many of the attractions at the same time, there is nothing more fun than screaming and laughing down the same slide together. Our top attraction at Wet and Wild is the Brain Wash, while riding the Brain Wash riders are launched down a 53-foot vertical drop in to a domed funnel.


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Date Created: 11/02/2016

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